Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I just finished reading Catching Fire by Susan Collins. I know that her books are the talk of the young adult reading genre. I honestly thing they are depressing. Both books took me over 30 pages to to get into them. I know we all fear dystopia. It did hold my attention more than Hunger Games but I feel they are very depressing. Also she writes in first person which is the easiest way to write. I will read her last book but I honestly hope with another series she can do much better. Sorry Mim and Sarah/

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  1. You might like her Underland Chronicles books better. They were too middle grade for my taste, but well written. It is written in third person. Hunger Games is written first present tense which is actually quite difficult to do well. Each narration style has its strengths and limitations. I think Collins does an excellent job on everything she writes.