Monday, January 4, 2010

100 books and counting

My daughters and I made a New Years Challenge. We are all going to read 100 books in a year or less. This started with my oldest daughter Mim who had set this goal for her a year ago, which isn't hard for her since she has been a big time reader since she was 7 years old. In fact I had to ground her from reading the summer after she finished second grade because she would just sit around the house reading while her friends would all come over and sit and patiently waiting for her to finished reading so they could all play (talk about devoted friends). Mim accomplished her goal last year. I decided to take her up on the challenge and invited her sister Sarah to do it also. We may include others in the family but we have to ask them first.

The rules are to read 100 books in a year. They have to be novel length but do not have to be novels. They can come from any genre or age group. The book has to be one you haven't read before and you can't repeat a book.

A little introduction of each of us.

I am Julie Lambert I am 53 years old a mother of 6 grown children. 4 daughters and 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. I have my bachelor degree in Nursing and work in Salt Lake City Utah Shriners' Hospital for Children. I learned to read at age 4 years. When I would have night mares even at the age of 18 my Dad would "What Book are you reading?" Of course I would never tell him but some were horror and I would realize this and stop reading the book. My favorite books are Classics and Historical novels. My favorite book of all time is Le Mes.

Mim (Miriam is her proper name).She is my oldest daughter. She has been reading since she was 5 years old and has never stopped. She graduated from BYU in English Education. She currently works as a freelance writer and an is writing a novel of her own. Her favorite genre is Young Adult. She is married, lives in North Carolina and has 3 adorable children. She is a busy wife, mother, writer and reader

Sarah is my 3rd oldest daughter. She found her love for reading from reading a Wrinkle In Time in middle school. She has her Associates degree. She lives in Ohio. Her husband is attending medical school at Ohio State University. She has one handsome little boy. Her favorite genre is young adult fantasy ans Si Fi. Her favorite Books to date are Ender's Game and most recently The Hunger Games.

This blog sit is open to all. We want to encourage you to read and will also tell you about books we are currently reading or have read.

Our first discussion will be Hunger Games since it is the first book I have read for the year and Mim and Sarah have already read it. But this is the start of the blog so we will save that for next time.

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